Common White Girl Tag

Don't take the title of this tag as racist in anyway. I am white, I am a girl; so whatever. I looked up the questions and plan on doing more tags alike this one, so here we go.


What is your favourite drink at Starbucks?

Well the jokes on you because I am Australian and there are no Starbucks here. We do however have Gloria Jeans which is pretty much the same thing. Gloria jeans is a coffee shop by the way, not pants. My favourite drink there would have to be the iced hot chocolate; yum!


How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

It depends on where I'm going. If it is school then I spend like, half an hour in bed until I finally get off of my arse and out of bed. It takes me about two minutes to brush my hair, two minutes to get dressed and then a few minutes to do my shoes. If I am going into town, it takes me about twenty minutes to get ready. Most of that time is spent actually choosing an outfit, trying on outfits and taking selfies. My bad!


How many selfies do you take per day?

I don't really have a specific amount. Usually though, it is something between 10-20 but I don't know if photos with other people count as selfies. If snapchats count, then around 50 a day. I'm sorry that I love myself okay?


How many instagram followers and photos do you have?

I have 101 photos and 181 followers. Majority of my photos are selfies or crap I come across on the way to school. I get bored, I take photos and then I share them with the world. I have googled myself before and actually found photos from my instagram. Google, you little stalker you!

Do you ever say LOL and OMG out loud?
It's a horrible habit but I do. If I am not laughing out loud, I say LOL. If I am not busy being shocked, I'll say OMG. My mouth and mind control themselves; don't blame me for being cliche.


Do you ever wear the same outfit more than once in a row?

I do this a lot. Of course, if the clothing is dirty, I'll change. I will change my undergarments and then just chuck my shorts and shirt on again; sometimes I will sleep in them also. Deal with it or scram!

Are you racist?

This is a pretty dumb question to ask on a challenge called "The common white girl tag" I mean come on... how is any of this stuff relevant to only white girls? No, I am not racist; the only race I hate is the one more than 2 kilometres in length and is uphill.


Instagram, twitter or tumblr?
Tumblr drives me completely insane. Instagram and twitter are my babies. If I was to go on those MTV pregnant shows, I'd go on there with instagram. I love twitter but the length restriction annoys me. How can I rant in only 140 words and less?


What do you do in your spare time?
Blogging; Yes, I lack a social life okay. I am always writing on Wattpad, thoughts or on blogger. I honestly think I'd mentally shut down if somebody deleted all my accounts on these websites. Sad, I know.


Who are your favourite youtubers?
Another thing I am always on. Youtube. I have always wanted to become a youtuber and post video challenges but I don't have the guts. I am a writer, not a speaker. Anyway, I love the channels ||SuperWoman||, Lush, TheFineBros, PewDiePie and O2L. Fangirl? Maybe.


How often do you do your nails?
Whenever I waste my time doing my nails, I chip the paint off ten minutes later so I have actually given up. I guess I do them about once every two months, or on special occasions; that's all.


Are you a shopaholic?

Not necessarily, but I do love shopping and everything that comes with it. I love browsing, trying on cute clothing, buying gorgeous stuff and exploring shops. I think that is an answer, I think?


How many times have you seen Mean Girls?

Mean girls is the common white girl bible. I watched it at least once every day when I was little and I wore out 5 disks. Yes, 5 DISKS! My Mum had to buy a new one every time the other disk got old/scratched and worn out from overuse. I don't know how many times exactly but it was well over 100.


Do you have a lot of clothes?
I guess so, but stuff like that doesn't matter. I only wear about half of it because the other half is stuff that doesn't fit me yet, doesn't suit me or is not what I wear in this weather. To think of it, I never really wear long pants or long shirts. I wear either leggings under shorts, shorts, tank tops and singlets. I am a STRAYA girl.


Do you wear make up every day?

No, I don't. I don't rely on make up to make me look better. If people can't appreciate me for my personality and what I am really like, then why should I look good just for them?

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